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Rechercher des icônes en dessinant

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3900 icônes en flat color pour vos iMessages


La technologie d'Icons8 au service des icônes en open source

Line Awesome

Remplacer FontAwesome par des icônes linéaires modernes

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Cosmic Pedro

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En tant que développeur front-end, je veux du HTML pour mes bots

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Beta Version
Lunacy Logo

Lunacy, Sketch for Windows

Sketch viewer for Windows with handy features for HTML/CSS coding

Portable version (without setup)
Screenshot of Lunacy, a Sketch viewer for Windows

Sketch for Windows

As close as it can be. No Sketch plugins and syncing to the server (check our review of all the methods to open a Sketch file on a Windows computer). Works great with files that contain text, raster images, gradients, and shadows. Editing: coming soon.

Screenshot of Lunacy, a Sketch viewer for Windows

CSS Export

See CSS properties of any object and copy them with a single click. Same as Zeplin and Avocode, but free and fast. Same fast as the original Sketch app.

Screenshot of Lunacy, a Sketch viewer for Windows

Export Sketch App Resources

The properties that you use frequently get highlighted. You can see properties of text, raster images, even gradients, and shadows.

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Portable version (without setup)

Sketch for Windows Feature Roadmap


Copy CSS

Copy CSS of any object with a single click

PNG Export

Export all assets like a boss

Sketch 43

2 weeks after we released Lunacy, Sketch completely changed their format.

In Progress


We can already create basic objects, move stuff around — basics.

Grouping, moving, scrolling

Code. Test on Icons8 designers. Repeat.


IntelliSense for Design

That's big. Look, you've created tons of design elements. Humanity created even more. You don't have to create another design out of the primitives. You should be able to make it as fast as software developers write code — with IntelliSense.